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TPV received good news and was awarded the EcoVadis Sustainable Global Supply Chain Gold Certification
新聞來源: 發布時間:[2022-10-31]

Recently, TPV received good news and was awarded the EcoVadis Sustainable Global Supply Chain Gold Certification, a significant improvement compared to last year's bronze medal. In the ratings of more than 175 countries/regions, spanning 200 industries, and more than 90,000 companies, TPV stood out and ranked in the top 5% of the world with its continuous efforts in sustainable work, showing that TPV ranks among the ESG in the industry. frontrunner status.


As a globally oriented sustainability rating, EcoVadis adopts internationally recognized evaluation methodology, and takes the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and ISO 26000 as the evaluation criteria, and evaluates environmental protection, labor rights, Comprehensive assessment of the four dimensions of business ethics and sustainable supply chains. This achievement is a great recognition of the sustainable development and ESG performance of the Group and all its subordinate companies, an affirmation of TPV's persistent implementation of ESG strategy, and a demonstration of TPV's forge ahead spirit of adhering to the concept of sustainable development.


In the new era of ESG and carbon neutrality, objective rating results based on corporate ESG performance are gradually becoming one of the important factors that customers and investors consider when looking at lofty development. Like many long-term and future-oriented companies, TPV is actively improving the integrity and transparency of ESG information disclosure and increasing its practice in the field of sustainability, which will not only be reflected in the company's strategy, but also be implemented in daily work to show the company's ESG performance from an angle, in order to better obtain the continuous trust and support of stakeholders such as customers and consumers.


TPV's leading position in ESG in the industry is based on the strong support of the ESG committee and working group, and continues to promote ESG work under the concept of sustainable development and implement sustainable supply chain management. Over the years, it has continued to implement corporate social responsibility and promoted ESG construction. It has released ESG reports for six consecutive years, and has built a domestic leader in ESG information disclosure. In the future, TPV will continue to invest in ESG work and practice corporate social responsibility. While promoting the group's carbon emission reduction work, it will go hand in hand with sustainable work such as sustainable supply chain, labor rights and business ethics, and make concerted efforts to be brave in innovation and forge ahead for great achievement!

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