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2022 L&T MFG Analytical Repair Technology Skills Competition
新聞來源: 發布時間:[2022-10-31]

Time flies, and the big family of LNT has warmed everyone for another year. Here, everyone has a good heart, works hard, constantly learns and grows, improves themselves, and strives for progress. This time, PIM and QT jointly planned the third quarter skills competition project, and the new challenge started immediately.


First of all, allow me to introduce, as a quality technical unit, QT is mainly responsible for the analysis and maintenance of the display. The maintenance includes motherboard maintenance and PANEL maintenance, which is subdivided into B/A, wires, components, panels, etc. Abnormalities in daily production and assembly will be sent to QT for analysis and maintenance as soon as possible. It is necessary to quickly analyze the cause of the abnormality and complete the repair of the machine in time without affecting the production and work order joints. Here we require our internal personnel to have real basic skills and repair skills, so this skills competition can enable internal personnel to further communicate and improve work skills.


The competition was launched in the repair class on August 23. This time, IE staff were also invited to be the judges. In advance, the participants will randomly draw lots and form teams. Each team will choose a representative to draw lots for the competition sequence. The team members will divide the labor and cooperate on their own to analyze the abnormality and repair the machine, and evaluate the time-consuming and repair quality. Under the order of the referee, the first group of people started immediately. They were skilled in wearing electrostatic wristbands and gloves. Four people started to operate skillfully. Two of them were responsible for the B/A part, and the other two were responsible for the whole machine. The division of labor was clear.


During the competition, the focus is on the B/A assembly part. First of all, the BLU cannot be mixed (it is easy to cause poor market and poor matching of the whole machine); /A cannot be pasted crookedly (the crooked sticking can easily cause fragments and gaps), and the adhesive strips are also It should not be exceeded or missed, and the shading cloth and PET should not be missed or wrongly posted. Every participant here is meticulous and does not dare to slack off. Everyone is racing against time to actively buy time for their companions.

The repair part of the whole machine is relatively easy for everyone. Quickly paste the aluminum foil, arrange the wires, insert the PIN in place, and finally quickly lock the screws in place, so as not to miss the lock or cause foreign objects in the machine, and finally assemble the shell. Check whether the appearance is scratched or the picture is abnormal. All actions are done in one go, and the two people cooperate skillfully, and the quality score is the best.


Time passed by and everyone was immersed in the game. The first group was a little nervous, and the latter groups performed very well. There was no major abnormality. The judgment and assembly of the abnormality were also well completed. colleagues,

Although the speed is a little slower, the judges of the quality of the work techniques also praised them repeatedly. There are also colleagues with excellent operating skills, and the speed is very fast. In general, everyone has their own strengths. This competition allows everyone to learn the advantages of others one step closer, and they will be better in future positions.

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