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2022 QA Quality Skills Competition
新聞來源: 發布時間:[2022-10-31]

On the evening of July 27, QA held a quality competition in the OQA inspection room,in order to improve the quality awareness of all LNT staff, strengthen quality publicity, and test the daily inspection ability of QA staff. This competition is divided into two items, appearance inspection and image quality inspection. OQA manager Lin Jianming has carefully planned this competition and formulated detailed quality competition rules. Comprehensive evaluation is carried out from the aspects of standardization of inspection actions, time-consuming and inspection accuracy.

The competition officially started at 18:00, and the contestants lined up outside the OQA inspection room to enter the arena one after another. The appearance competition time is 4 minutes per person, and it is required to detect and record the defects in 5 samples within the specified time. The employees outside the inspection room were eager to move, tiptoeing, watching the live competition inside. Some players in the competition were so nervous that their hands trembled and affected their performance. They didn't put down the bad samples in their hands until the time expired and left unwillingly. Some players responded calmly, checked normally according to their usual work experience, and completed the game easily.

The picture inspection side is racing against time, and the heat is in full swing. Some contestants rushed to the machine as soon as they entered the inspection room, for fear of wasting a minute and a second and affecting the performance of the competition. Some contestants methodically followed the inspection sequence and kept saying bad names such as white spots and foreign objects. Some contestants couldn't find faults due to nervousness, and stared at the machine in a hurry. There are also players who are reluctant to leave the arena after the game is over. They stand by and watch how others test it, and from time to time they say "Oh, why didn't I find this bad?".

At 20:00, the competition ended in tension and excitement. After the competition, manager Lin Jianming awarded awards to the top three employees in the four groups according to the time-consuming and correct rate. The first class bonus is 300RMB, the second one is 200RMB, the third 100RMB, and other participants also have small gifts for participation.

After this competition, everyone recognized their own strengths and weaknesses, and followed up with more training to learn to fill the gaps and fill the gaps. This competition further improved the quality awareness of all employees, and understood that quality work is not the responsibility of any department or individual, but the common responsibility of all employees. Each employee can only ensure the quality of the entire product and make the company's quality leap to a new level only by doing his own job well, keeping in mind the word quality, and constantly improving himself.

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