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LG Display's transparent OLED debuts at the 110th Anniversary Exhibition of the National Expo
新聞來源: 發布時間:[2022-10-31]

Following the introduction of subway window displays in Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities, as well as Starbucks stores in Suzhou, transparent OLED displays have recently entered the museum field, and the application scenarios of transparent OLEDs have continued to expand. According to the industry, with the substantial increase in the application scenarios of transparent OLEDs in recent years, the market scale has grown rapidly. In the face of the growing commercial display market, as the only display company in the world that supplies and produces transparent OLEDs, LG Display is expected to take advantage of transparent OLEDs to seize the opportunity.


It is reported that on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the establishment of the National Museum, the National Expo will display more than 240 representative cultural relics on the theme of "Accumulation and Dissemination - Archaeological Achievements Exhibition of the National Museum", showing the continuous pioneering and enterprising course of the National Museum's archaeology in the past 100 years and fruitful results. Along with these exhibits, there is also a transparent OLED display produced by LG Display. This product is made up of six 55-inch transparent OLED displays spliced up and down, which can display the information of the exhibits on the protective glass of the cultural relics display cabinet. Visitors can visually see the relevant information of the exhibits from outside the glass. These transparent OLED displays are also touch-enabled, allowing visitors to tap on the screen to quickly learn detailed information about the displayed artifacts, as well as play video images. Archaeological achievements and cutting-edge technology meet, and the cultural relics of the millennium are full of vitality and vigor.


In addition to being applied to museums and art galleries, transparent OLED displays are also used in shopping malls, transportation, buildings, homes and other scenarios. In shopping malls, people can learn about the brand history, product production process, etc. through the transparent OLED display screen, and gain a new shopping experience, and merchants can also use this to achieve the effect of brand promotion; in the subway, passengers can enjoy the scenery outside the window through the transparent OLED subway window. You can also learn the running schedule, location, weather forecast, and browse news. In the office, it can also replace the glass wall with transparent OLED partitions for video conferences, saving the space occupied by TVs or monitors. Transparent OLED screens can also be used in corporate publicity halls, VIP lounges in large stadiums, and taxis.


Technically, transparent OLED panels do not need a backlight, and each pixel can emit light independently. These features maximize the advantages of OLED technology. Transparent OLED panels can replace glass windows, especially because of their high transparency, lightness and thinness, they can have extremely high application value in various spaces. The transparency of the OLED transparent display is as high as 40%, and the transparency of the LCD transparent display is only 10%.

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