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LNT donated a smart blackboard worth 200,000 yuan to Fuqing No.1 Middle School
新聞來源: 發布時間:[2022-10-31]

On the morning of August 3, 2022, the donation ceremony of our smart blackboard was held at the Fenghuangshan campus of Fuqing No.1 Middle School. Xue Tianhui, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Fuqing No. 1 Middle School, Zhang Xiuhua, Vice President and administrators from some other departments, Chen Ruichun, Secretary of the Party Branch and General Manager of our company, Gan Qiantao, Director of Administration Department, and Shi Wei from Research and Development Department attended the donation ceremony.


At the donation ceremony, Chen Ruichun, general manager of LNT, and President Xue Tianhui signed the donation agreement. On behalf of the school, Principal Xue Tianhui expressed his heartfelt thanks to LNT for its contribution to the development of Fuqing No. 1 Middle School's education. He highly praised LNT as a well-known high-tech foreign-funded enterprise that cares about national education and has a deep sense of social responsibility; with the support of caring enterprises and institutions like LNT and the care of all sectors of society, Fuqing No. Exhausted, the wings of the phoenix are abundant, and the reputation is far and near.


General Manager Chen Ruichun said that the development of LNT is inseparable from the support from all walks of life and the talents cultivated by the school. Therefore, LNT people are always grateful on the road of development, not only committed to excellent product creation and customer satisfaction, but also always continue to give back to the society, actively do things that are meaningful to the society, and pay attention to education and the future. It is believed that the gifted smart blackboard will certainly facilitate the classroom education of Fuqing No. 1 Middle School and contribute to the education cause of Fuqing.


After the donation ceremony, General Manager Chen Ruichun, together with Gan Qiantao, Director of the Administration Department of LNT, and Shi Wei, R&D Department, showed, introduced and delivered the 10 smart blackboards donated this time to the school leaders.

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