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Good News Keeps Pouring in—AOC All-in-one Computer Won the 2021 Product Innovation Award
新聞來源: 發布時間:[2022-05-12]

Congratulations, AOC Dilu 27958 all-in-one computer and AOC Master 27925 all-in-one computer won the 2021 Product Innovation Award for their excellent quality and outstanding performance!
Thanks for the trust and recognition of consumers and media.
AOC Dilu 27958 all-in-one computer won the 2021 Product Innovation Award
AOC Master 27925 all-in-one computer won the 2021 Product Innovation Award  

IT168 "Technical Excellence Award" selection activity has a history of more than 10 years.
Adhering to the tenet of neutrality, objectivity and professionalism every year, through the evaluation of professional reviewers and industry experts, combined with the experience and information feedback of thousands of real consumers, various awards are selected at the end of the year

AOC Dilu 27958 All-in-One Computer
Editor's comment:
Whether it is a hardware game or general post-production, it can provide first-class performance support, and the blessing of the curved screen allows us to enjoy an immersive daily use experience with the excellent overall performance!

Product Features:
- Core i7 11th generation series standard pressure processor;
- 8 cores and 16 threads;
- Up to 2.5GHz main frequency ;
- 27-inch 1200R curved surface;
- 178° wide-angle high-definition colorful screen;
- 512G high-speed solid state drive ;
- DDR4 16G dual-channel memory.   

Reasons for award: The all-in-one computer with the appearance of e-sports is very rare in the all-in-one computer industry. You can copy it if you want, but it also has a 27-inch curved giant screen from TPV Technology, which has a wider viewing angle and a more comprehensive view, help you enjoy a new immersive audio-visual experience. 512G SSD with 16G dual-channel memory, which satisfies the coexistence and smooth operation of multiple programs, and the extremely fast loading of large programs. Core i7 11th generation series processors, desktop CPUs, are really rare in the industry. For a long time in the future, they should be the top match in the all-in-one machine industry, worthy of the word "excellence"!
AOC Master 27925 All-in-One Computer
Editor's Comments:
Excellent appearance and high-performance configuration make AOC Master 27925 all-in-one computer more suitable for professional designers, or premium users who have higher requirements for all-in-one performance.
Product Features:
- Core 11th generation i5 processor;
- 512G high-speed solid state drive;
- 16G DDR4 dual-channel memory;
- 27-inch, 178° wide-angle high-definition colorful screen;
- 2 appearance color optional for black and white;
- Lifting and rotating bracket;
- Lifting and 90° rotating screen.

Reasons for award: Desktop-level Intel Core 11th generation i5 processor, powerful performance, perfect for various office application needs. In the all-in-one machine industry, black is the mainstream now, and the white design is eye-catching. Lifting and rotating bracket, the screen can be lifted up and down according to needs, and can be rotated 90°, so that the screen can be converted between 16:9 and 9:16, which can meet the various viewing angles of users, and it is also an innovative design in the industry.
Thanks for the unanimous recognition of consumers and media. It is everyone's trust that makes AOC computer all-in-one win the prize. Only quality can be trusted, and trust can be a classic! In the future, AOC computer all-in-one will continue to focus on developing its own products, introducing more perfect and considerate services, and leading the computer all-in-one industry to go further!

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