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TPV shows the future with strong
新聞來源: 發布時間:[2020-07-31]

In the new retail and medical experience area of Intel's first Supreme solution experience center in China, AOC, with its digital signs, commercial TV and other video products, and Intel Powerchip, accurately outputs the corresponding industry solutions for new retail, medical and other application scenarios, providing users with more realistic, experiential and interactive scene application experience, and helping customers more effectively Customers fully grasp the concept and connotation of the solution and the specific implementation, to help the development of customers in various industries!            

01            New retail experience area:            

Application of digital signs to meet the needs of consumers for all kinds of shopping            

In the era of Internet information, smart new retail focuses on the combination of new retail, artificial intelligence and big data, and uses more rapid and efficient technical means to analyze consumer demand, so as to provide consumers with more diversified and personalized products and services.            

In the new retail experience area, Intel NUC connects the AOC digital signs 55x8 and 55f1 through the video transmission interface. After simple deployment, it can easily realize the requirements of advertising and human-computer interaction. Through the cms2.0 information release system, the cloud management of materials can be realized, and the information of new retail commodity categories, pictures, prices and promotion activities can be presented in real time, so as to effectively meet the shopping needs of all categories of consumers and bring efficient and convenient Video experience.            

02            Smart medical experience area:            

Commercial TV application to realize high definition presentation of medical information            

In the field of smart healthcare, Intel can use the powerful power of data analysis and artificial intelligence to help transform the medical industry from medical imaging to advanced data analysis.            

In the medical experience center, AOC high-definition ultra-thin full screen commercial TV 40m3 is equipped with the powerful computing power of Intel NUC, which effectively realizes the high-definition presentation of patient diagnosis and treatment information and administrative management information. When applied to remote consultation scene, it can provide powerful video guarantee for the sharing of superior medical resources and cross regional optimal configuration; when applied to medical vehicle or operating table and other scenes, it can present the patient's medical record in high definition, so that the medical staff can quickly analyze the detailed medical records of patients, and provide a good foundation for the development of accurate and effective treatment plan!

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