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LG display was selected as the national project leader in the research and development of scalable display screen
新聞來源: 發布時間:[2020-07-31]

On June 11, LG display was selected as the national project leader of "R & D of stretchable display" promoted by the Ministry of industry, commerce and resources of South Korea.           

The national project of "R & D of scalable display screen" is one of the main topics of "display innovation engineering platform construction" promoted by the Ministry of industry, commerce and resources of South Korea in 2019. As a large-scale innovative R & D project led by the Korean government, this project aims to develop the next generation display core technology which can play a role in the future growth of display industry.            

At present, flexible displays such as bendable, foldable and rollable that have been put into commercial use can only be deformed in specific parts or in specific directions, so the fields that can be used are very limited. On the contrary, the flexible display screen with elastic rubber band can avoid image distortion and realize free form. Therefore, it is called the highest stage of flexible display, and is also regarded as the next generation display of IOT, 5g and driverless car era.            

The national project of "research and development of scalable display screen" will be divided into two stages, namely, the development of core original technology and the development of product technology. LG display plans to develop a scalable display with an elongation of 20% by 2024.            

If the product becomes a reality, it will have infinite market potential and broad application fields. Such as "multi-functional folding intelligent device" which can be folded freely like paper, wearable device with excellent wearing feeling without restriction of movement, and "vehicle and aviation display screen" which overcomes the limitation of curved surface design.            

It is worth noting that in addition to developing core technologies, obtaining patents, seizing and developing new markets with high added value, the research and development of scalable display panel will also cooperate with 21 institutions, such as large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, universities and research institutes, to jointly develop materials, parts and equipment, which will have great significance for building the ecological environment of national display technology in the future Righteousness.            

Yin zhurong, director of LG Display Research Institute, who is in charge of the national project, said: "this national project will develop a new form of scalable display screen for high value-added new market, demonstrate the future technical strength of LG display, and build a foundation for Korean display industry to continuously lead the global market."            

Through the implementation of this national project, LG display is expected to become a technology leader with a variety of next generation display technologies.

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