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Ten years of hard work makes up for one hundred million brilliant achievements
新聞來源: 發布時間:[2020-07-31]

At 16:00 on May 26th, our company held the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the company and the cumulative production and sales volume exceeding 100 million. Mr. Cao Zhujun, secretary of Fuqing Rongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Mr. Chen Youzhu, VICE President of TPV Technology, and other company leaders attended the ceremony.

Mr. Chen Tao, former CEO of The company, first delivered the speech. He said that the growth of the company cannot be separated from the strong support and help from governments at all levels and leaders, as well as the hard work of all L&T employees and the support of their families. He hoped that the employees could keep their original intention, enhance their competitiveness and create another brilliant decade for L&T.

 The ceremony is divided into three parts. First of all, the leaders planted the Luo Han song together, which means the L&T foundation evergreen; Then the leaders together to 100 million display screen into the Sands to record the glorious moment; Finally, we opened the champagne together to celebrate the continuous efforts of L&T for ten years and achieved the good result of 100 million units of production.

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